[Istanbul ,Turkey] cheaper and midtier suggestions

Does anybody have suggestions for Istanbul places. Ideally most of them coming to under 25 euros a person (This is current about 500 Lira a person but might not be in a year). I’d also be interested in hearing about some places going up to maybe 50 euros a person (currently 1000ish Lira). I’m most interested in Turkish food or food that would be hard to get in Europe or US/Canada but any suggestions would be welcome. Sources/blogs/etc to read would also be highly appreciated.

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Very late for Josh, but I just wanted to post up some recommendations from our pre-pandemic trip to Istanbul. There are lots of places in Istanbul but the following all presented deliious food (apologies that details on precisely what we ate are lacking.
This seafood restaurant overlooking the bosphorus in Sultanahmet is very nice and served delicious seafood. I think we had the lufer fish among other items and they compmed us their wonderful fig dessert. Not expensive given how civilized it is

For a simple lunch in a convenient location near Eminou, the main mosques etc, Şehzade Cağ Kebap cant be beat. Their “cag kebabs” cooked on a horizontal spit are delicious, and very simply accompanied. One of the best quick meat lunches I have ever had. the turks drink ayran, a refreshing salty usually minty yogurt drink with their meat.
Our first night of 6 in Istanbul staying in the Beyoglu area we had dinner at Antiocha, which serves the food of Antalya. We had the most deliciouf flat oven baked ground beef dish, tepsi kebapi, since successfully reproduced at home using the recipe in Robin Eckhardt’s Istanbul and Beyond Cookbook Judging by appearances and this fine dish, I predict a fine meal at this moderate cost restaurant. http://www.antiochiaconcept.com/
Breakfast in Istanbul is a special treat. We tried 3 places two of which were great
** Karaköy Muhallebicisi** istiklal caddesi no:261 41.0284988, 28.9746145, 34421 Beyoğlu is unique serving exquisite clotted cream from their own wild water buffalo herd with honey. Along with bread and some tea, thats plenty , but they have other dishes, especially puddings and dairy products on sale all day long. check this out about the water buffalo farm.https://culinarybackstreets.com/cities-category/istanbul/2014/last-milkmen/
** Van Kahvaltı Evi** another breakfast restaurant in Beyoglu is also worth the trip for breakfast, serving a classic multi-dish breakfast of cheeses bread, vegetables etc that will cover your table. All is good but the hot sauce/paste served with the meal is particularly delicious. Go early its very busy.
the third breakfast place we went to** Lades Menemen** did not impress at breakfast. Maybe I just dont get menemen, a type of scrambled eggs, but it was not wonderful at either of the places we tried it.
Make sure you have some simit, the sesame seed rings sold by vendors, better in the morning when its fresh.
We just scratched the tiniest surface of the great food culture of Istanbul. I am eager for the opportunity to get back.


Shameful and shameless self-promotion, all in one: in case anyone’s interested, here’s my review (from last year) of Van Kahvaltı Evi.

n.b. I took my buddy there a few months later. He lamented the lack of meat, but I think he missed the sucuk (dried fermented beef sausage) with eggs.

Another place I dug was on the Asia side, in the neighborhood of Kuzguncuk. Cheap and quite delicious, the place was called Hatice Anne Ev Yemekleri. No frills, and it’s a small place, but I think about these two restaurants all the time.

thanks for sharing the additional info! what kind of home cooking does Hatice Anne Ev Yemekleri offer?
I am blown away by the range of regional offerings that can be found. Will be back next spring for a few days, tho its mostly an organized trip, but I am hoping to grab a few meals on my own.

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I believe it changes daily (or weekly?), but here’s a not very good photo of very good food from Hatice Anne Ev Yemekleri:

Stuffed eggplant, dolma (err grape leaves), cutlets, soup, grilled vegetables, and ayran.
Simple fare, and quite well-done.

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