Issues on starting new threads and link option

This is not a reply to this particular thread, but I have a number of issues:

  1. I could not start a new thread on my particular concern. Why?

  2. My particular concern is that the “link” option that allows you to quote previous posts seems to have vanished. Why?

Do you mean you don’t see the orange “New Topic” button on the lower right on your screen? If this is the case, can you describe more on the desktop/mobile device and OS you are using?

It’s still there, but interface changed. The first icon with the Facebook icon is the link option.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 11.03.41

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Thanks for the link information.

On starting a new topic under “Site Discussions”, what was happening yesterday was that the “New topic” button was there, but when I put my cursor on it, I got the circle with a line through it and the button was inactive. This did not happen with other threads/topics (I checked).

But today it’s all working fine, even on “Site Discussions”.

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Why that icon? It’s not very intuitive.

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I asked the same question too. @sck can shed some light?

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In an ideal world we’d love to have 3 or 4 share icons (FB, Twitter, IG, etc) directly accessible (one click, not two clicks) within the page. Always thought the share link icon was very underused because it didn’t really stand out. Hence the switch to the FB icon to see if usage increases.

I think you ran into what my two prior Site threads were prompted by.

That happens when you already have a new topic open - you can’t start multiple new topics (though you can have multiple new drafts in old topics - one per topic)