Issue with "Tracking"

Several threads I’ve posted on - I’m still getting NO notifications that new posts have been posted. Just had a chance to log today on around 2:30 this afternoon, and this is what it looked like:

Usually, there’s a number encircled by a blue dot just above my avatar when there are responses to threads I’ve posted on. Could be 1, could be 5 - depends on how many threads I’ve participated in.

On the WFD #2 thread, there were 14 additional comments. No notification.
On the Snacks for Office Meetings, there were 8 additional comments. NO notification.
On the What’s the best Pot Holder thread, there were 2 additional comments. NO notification.

Same thing with various other threads. ALL of them have this tracking notation at the bottom:

Any idea why? I don’t want Email notifications for every single comment. I’d just like to be informed when I arrive at HO that there are unread comments on threads I’ve participated on.

See the middle icon–the three horizontal stacked lines in the graphic you inserted above? If you click on it, and then Unread, you should see what you’re missing.

So this is the new way to find which posts have had responses? Maybe it’s been there since the beginning, but I’ve always used the blue circled number above my avatar to pop-down the posts and show which were slightly grayed for replies. But the blue circled numbers seems to have gone away on the avatar.

Not sure–it’s just the way I figured out to see what’s new. I’m never sure what the blue circled number on my avatar means (maybe a like?), but unread works all day. :slight_smile:

Did you check the third box in this list in the user preference?

If not, they just notify you by showing the message on your computer screen as it arrives while you are logged in. Desktop notification is what they call it in the last setting above.

I will keep an eye out on the blue circled number on the avatar to see what that means too next time it shows up.

ok the blue number next to the avatar I think refers to the replies to threads you started. I think you used to get the blue numbers because you started the WFD #1 thread but not those other 3 you mentioned.

That’s the point - I don’t want Emails for each reply to my post.

This just popped up on my screen:

And when I clicked “Allow”, the next thing was this pop-up in the lower left-hand corner:

Which I DO NOT want - especially at work.

So it’s either get the Emails for every reply, OR do what kattyeyes has suggested.

kattyeyes’ suggestion works best for you.