ISO: SO Coconut yogurt- 16 oz. unsweetened (SFBA)

Anyone seen this? Whole Foods only has the 16 oz containers of ‘plain’, which has as much sugar as the flavored varieties. SF ideally, but peninsula or east bay locations desired.

I don’t know how accurate and up to date it is, but their website has a “product finder” that is allows you to search specifically for each variety/product. A quick search for “unsweetened plain” yielded lots of hits. You may need to actually phone the stores though.

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The So delicious unsweetened plain is widely available, Target is even listed as a retailer (!)
I have recently purchased the Forager Project cashew based unsweetened (i know not the same as coconut)
which has like 1-2g sugar and loved it- very neutral flavor so it works for lots of uses. Available on the west coast too including some safeway locations, their site has a store locator.

Thanks so much— I didn’t even think their webpage would list it! It’s available at the Castro Molly Stone, so I’ll get it there and use it as an excuse to try Ice Cream Bar’s new Castro location

On many occasions I have seen the So Delicious Dairy Free Cultured Coconut Yogurt at the Grocery Outlet in Oakland but I don’t remember if it was the unsweetened and its availability is irregular but if you are near a Grocery Outlet it might be worth checking out.

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Yesterday at the Richmond Grocery Outlet I purchased a 24 oz. carton of SO Delicious Plain Coconut Yogurt Alternative for $1.99. This was the Plain, not the Unsweetened, and has 15 grams of sugar per each 225 gram (8-ounce) serving. They also have the SO Soy Yogurt, same size and price.

I also prefer unsweetened products but with the Plain coconut I find that a 3- or 4-ounce serving is quite rich and filling and at about 7 grams of sugar the smaller portion is not a deal breaker.

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Yesterday at the Grocery Outlet in Richmond on San Pablo I bought the SO Delicious Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative in the Unsweetened Vanilla version for 50 cents for a 5.3 oz. carton with a ‘best by’ date of about Feb. 7. No added sugar. There are 2 photos in my recent GO post. On most visits, there are versions of the coconutmilk yogurt, some sweetened, others not. Even the sweetened style is about 15 grams of sugar but for an eight oz. portion.

I like these yogurts a lot and there are some claims of health benefits of coconut fat which contain medium-chain fatty acids but I am not an expert on the issue.

How do you like the Unsweetened Vanilla vs the plain unsweetened?

I thought that the vanilla flavoring was marginal and not cloying or overpowering… It went well with some unsweetened frozen berries and when used in a dressing over some veggies for a salad the vinaigrette that was added cut through the vanilla enough for me.

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I have tried sooooo many non dairy yogurts i’m not sure i could list them all- but absolutely this one is the best non dairy yogurt i’ve had hands down. Occasionally whole foods has it on sale, the downside is when not on sale or finding it at somewhere great like grocery outlet it can be pricey but just slightly more (like 20 cents or so) than the individual cups of organic greek yogurt.
If you can find Forager’s cashew yogurt they make an unsweetened plain version that is pretty good, i tend to just make cashew cream to use instead since I don’t like it enough to eat as is (even with some fruit and such)

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I don’t see my life without yogurts. However, many of them contain many chemicals and the quantity of sugar is too high. I am not sure about the yogurt you are asking, though I can recommend one which is healthy and delicious. Bulgarian yogurts are popular all over the world for their natural consistency and big variety. Serdika, which is a Bulgarian yogurt, has proven benefits on consumers making them more stronger and healthier. Probiotic yogurt from Serdika is associated with energy and a balanced immunity.

Newcomer to the WF market. I like it.

Haven’t tried it yet, also new.

My sister likes this one. I haven’t tried it yet.