ISO old fashioned boxed chocolates

Looking for high end boxed chocolates of the old fashioned, classic variety. (ie mix of milk and dark, caramels, nuts, nougats, marzipan, creams, etc). Woodhouse fits the bill (and are excellent) but their shipping is very high (they are west coast, I am east). I know some like See’s but I am looking for a little higher quality. Most of the highly reviewed chocolates are dif flavored or painted versions of ganaches - not much textural differences. Perhaps what I am seeking is an oxymoron and fine chocolatiers wouldn’t dream of the kind of assortment I am seeking?? Any suggestions? Thanks!

I don’t know if they’re convenient to where you live, but I think Lilac Chocolates in Manhattan (multiple locations) would be what you’re looking for.

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How about Jacques Torres? Looks like he offers some nice variety boxes, and quality should be high:

I’ve enjoyed Ethel M chocolates, which offer several traditional mixes:

Also, when I was in CT last year I got some great selections from Munson’s (I still recall fondly their creme brulee chocolate).

Not sure where in the East you are, but in my general area (Philly/burbs/S Jersey) I can think of at least 5 local independent candy shops that offer traditional chocolates (and some not-so-traditional as well). Maybe you can start a thread on your local board in search of such a place?

Exactly what I thought of reading this post too! I grew up with see’s and would definitely say LiLac is a better quality chocolate itself that is used, yet not as high end (or expensive) as the top tier of chocolate shops like Neuhaus.

However, i do wonder how they ship this time of year- i would certainly ask before ordering from anywhere

thanks for all the ideas for further research. Li lac will be a destination next time I go to nyc!
Jacques Torres also looks good. Decades ago I was a fan of EthelM but I think the quality suffered from the company being bought by a large corp. I have noticed that some chocolatiers will not even ship in the summer months.

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We love Bryne and Carlson from Portsmouth, NH. Not sure of their shipping policies or costs.

Again, not knowing where you live, but See’s Candies does exactly what you are describing . . .

We have two local companies that look to have what you want:

Unless you’re in a very small town you probably have at least one chocolatier nearby.

Yeah, you need serious insulated packaging and next day air to be sure the product won’t melt. It’s a challenge! And expensive :fearful:

I’ve had excellent chocolates from Kee’s Chocolates in Manhattan - they have a variety of creative and more traditional flavors, although I will say that many of them are ganache-filled. The creme brulee chocolates are unique and spectacular, though!

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And I just saw this on Facebook, Norman Love is having a 20% off sale tomorrow:

He’s another very respected pastry chef, but might be a little more of the modern chocolatier than you’re looking for.