ISO Mary Rose's Sari Oriental Marinade

I know the Mary Rose’s company of Andover has been closed since 1990(?) but I still have cravings for their “Sari Oriental Marinade”! It made the best grilled wings IMO.
Does anyone remember this product? Does anyone know of a suitable alternative or have a recipe? If so you would make my year!

Never heard of it, but maybe contact the lawyer noted for the trademark and see if they can contact the owner and see if they’ll give up the recipe? or at LEAST give you the list of ingredients - perhaps then you can come up with a reasonable facsimile?'s+sari+oriental+marinade-106724478

Haven’t heard back from the lawyer. I’m surprised no one remembers this brand.

I remember it and still crave it to this day. If you get the recipe please share it.