ISO Japanese Cuisine - Yonkers, NY

This is a relatively new addition to the lineup at the Boyce Thomson Center in Northwest Yonkers, joining Fortina, Taco Project and a couple of other eateries. We ordered a selection of maki last night for delivery and were very impressed! This is not high-end sushi, but certainly a step above average (for instance, I thought it was higher-quality than Khangri in downtown Yonkers or New Tokyo House on Palisade Ave.) - everything tasted very fresh, and there was a high ratio of filling to rice in each roll. We will definitely visit the restaurant at some point and sample more of the menu.

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Every time I now see a comment referring to sushi as being “very fresh,” I think about what my son said. He has been to Japan several times, and spent the year there last year on a post-graduate fellowship. According to him, “very fresh” fish is not what is served at top end sushi restaurants. In fact, fish is aged slightly to bring out its flavor. When I went to an amazing sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s new fish market last March, the sushi was so much beyond what is served here, that I haven’t had any here since. My neighbor, who was there in February, said she can never have sushi here again. Not to yuck your yum, but I found this very interesting!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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