ISO: Hydrox (SFBA)


I never got the memo that Hydrox returned a few years ago. Are they available anywhere?


Well, you can always fall back to Amazon if the local stores don’t carry.


Amazon currently is limited to selling a box of six packages. I only want one package. If others are interested splitting in order Let me know. It’s about five dollars per package.


$12 + 4.45 S/H on eBay:

You can make a best offer.


I picked up a package when Leaf first brought them back. Not so great, IMO. I was hoping for the great flavor they had before they started tinkering with the recipe in the early 70’s. Although these were better than Oreos, they were nothing like how they tasted in the 50’s and 60’s.

(psb) #6

The INDIAN GROCERY at the SHANGHAI FLAVOR SHOP strip mall had these Indian OREO/HYDROX knock offs [?] which I thought were great. Better than OREOs. Been too long since I had a HYDROX, so no compare info there.

They were sold in a ~2 serving size … maybe 6 cookies … for 30cents!

I didnt know if they would be good or garbagy, so I regrettably only got one pack. Also regrettably SFS and FAMOUS FOODS were closed that day.

If I see them again, I’ll pick up a pack for you, now that I know you are a connoisseur and I know they are great.


I started eating Hydrox in the 80s, so don’t know what they originally would have tasted like!

I bit the bullet and got a box of six packages. I’ve eaten enough sandwich cookies since they were yanked from the market that only the crispiness triggered a memory. The cookies are drier (crispier) and have more of a cocoa flavor than Oreo’s. I think I prefer The Trader Joe and Newman’s brands. So much for nostalgia :slight_smile:

If anyone wants a package, send me a PM.


Haven’t tried Newman’s, but I think Whole Foods’ 365 brand comes closest to the Hydrox I knew and loved.