ISO Churros & Hot Chocolate [Greater Boston area]

Lately I have been having a serious ‘jones’ for churros and hot chocolate. I’d prefer it if the churros were hot (but one cannot have everything), and that the chocolate was not too sweet (ditto). I’m willing to drive a bit to find these delectable goodies. Any suggestions in the Boston area?

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On the menu in Harvard Sq:

Churros at Dali in Somerville. Served with chocolate sauce and a dulce de leche sauce.

But I don’t think they have hot chocolate.

From Friday’s dinner with friends:


OK. A def field trip this week for churros & chocolate. I knew you’d know, Taralli. Smart woman!

El Jefe churros were raw in the center. Sad. Well, at least I’ve quenched my hankering for them. On to other delectables.