ISO Bay Scallops in greater Boston area

Has anyone seen them? I’ve tried the supermarkets - Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Roche Bros. to no avail.

Check with Red’s Best Seafood at the Boston Public Market. They have had some at a very hefty price according to someone on the other food forum.

Also call New Deal fish in Cambridge. I didn’t see them last week but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have them earlier in the day.

One of these two will have them over the next couple of weeks.


You may want to try Fresh Pond Seafood in Arlington.

Thanks, Penny. Red’s says the weather is not good for bay scalloping (too windy), so they have none. New Deal said none this year also. Luckily, Hooks has some for me - at the mere cost of a mortgage payment! But, I’m desperate…

Fresh Pond Seafood says the wholesale price is too high for them to carry. This is the second year in a row that bay scallops are hard to find.

I saw (but did not buy them) them yesterday at $40 a pound at Red’s Best in the BPM. I also saw them recently at James Hook (similar price).


Saw them yesterday at Burkes in Quincy. I believe they were $37 a pound.

Wow, I’ll have to hit them up this weekend, if they are still to be had.

I bought them recently at Red’s… In BPM …good not great. I’ve enjoyed them more in previous years.

At $40/lb, I wasn’t motivated to go back right away for more.

If you want a taste without the search or expense this year, Alden & Harlow currently has an excellent bay scallop crude on their menu.

Spoke Wine bar had a great torched bay scallop crudo going last night for $12. Not even sure how they are covering their cost.


just heard that because the air and water temps have been relatively mild for december, very few guys have switched from lobstering to scalloping yet – hence the scarcity and punishing price.

Saw them at James Hook yesterday for $50/lb. Really.


Guess I got a bargain when Hooks charged me only $45 back in December!

without expense? I am sure they are not free. It’s been awful weather for scalloping, as Hotoynoodle says. Whoever buys them wholesale is paying big, and then buying them retail at a restaurant isn’t going to be not paying big. As KB says, restaurants with seemingly reasonable prices this weather are probably not covering the cost.

fwiw, was at courthouse seafood last night and they did not have any bay scallops.

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