ISO Baking ingredients [Toronto, Downtown]

I’m looking for a supplier of high quality baking supplies in the downtown core. I usually get my supplies outside the core (Markham, Richmond Hill), but I’ve recently ran out of some ingredients so I was wondering if there are good shops in the core that offer products like SAF Red/Gold, 1847, etc…

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Prairie Boy Bread has sold some of those flours, but it unfortunately closed Nov 1.

I have seen SAF yeast at Sobey’s.

I’ve seen Arva Mills and 1847 flour in the past
I don’t think any retail locations posted here are in Toronto. You can order it online.

I buy Arva Mills flour in LdnOnt ( at the Mill or a Remark Fresh Market)

Soma has some special cocoa powder.

I think I’ve seen flour at Blackbird Baking Co.

I buy most of my ingredients for baking at Fiesta Farms.

I’ve been buying spices at Farm Boy lately, but have shopped at Spice Trader, and occasionally Carlo’s House of Spice, in the past.

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Thanks! I didn’t know some bakeries also sell flours. I’ll have to look next time.

Fiesta Farms is out of my way but will have to check it out sometime. Same with House of Spice (unfortunately I was just in Kensington yesterday but at Essence of Life).

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Some useful links here in this list from 2020, but some online shops, like Blackbird’s, have been disabled.

Alimentari looks promising.

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Brodflour sells their flour. Liberty Village.

Surprisingly, I found high fat (22%) cocoa powder at Creeds, the coffee shop and dry cleaner on Dupont near Bathurst.

Another favourite supply store is in the east end, on Danforth near Coxwell. I used to buy cocoa powder at Madame Gateaux, along with other baking supplies like feuilletine, coloured cocoa butters, silicone molds, etc. They have a list of stuff the owner can get on demand.

My daughter and I did a cookie decorating class there a few months ago.

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