ISO A Source for Dried Curry Leaves

I am looking for dried curry leaves and can’t find any outside of what may be offered by Amazon. Any ideas?

Kalustyan’s, since you live in the States.

Kalustyan’s also sells fresh.

Any Indian market should also have them.

In Canada, I can find Arvinda’s dried curry leaves.

Spice Trekkers also sells them.

This Seattle small business has dried:

I also like World Spice but they are sold out.

Where are you located? No indian stores in reach?


I have no problem finding them (fresh and dried) in the various South Asian supermarkets near me. Suggest you look for similar wherever you are in the world.

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Perhaps pricier than others but 100% fresh for dried.

NW Rockies…the food desert. Big on natural resources, tho


Well, I’d venture that there’s at least a small indian (or other south asian) grocery store not far from you if you do a Google map search for your zip code :joy:

For dried, looks like Amazon options are decently priced once you factor in shipping costs from other sources.

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I found that a small market in the area has some packed away in their freezer and I will visit them sometime next week. Thank you for your comments!


Whatcha gonna make with them?