ISO A Good Pattymelt in the Greater Boston Area

I tried the one at Zaftigs and it wasn’t good. The hamburger was small and about half the size of the bread. I also got one at the Victoria Diner. The hamburger was good but the onions tasted like they were sautéed in balsamic vinegar and ruined the sandwich. I’ve looked at a lot of menus online and no one seems to offer it. Any leads?

I always enjoyed them at Friendly’s but it’s been several years, and most of the locations have closed.

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I thought I remembered them having it too, but when I looked at their menu online, it was not there anymore.

Doesn’t help your search in Greater Boston, but the Pattymelt is very popular in SE Michigan. Pretty much on the menu of every diner/greasy spoon in and around Detroit. Consistent prep of the sandwich, one to another.

Road trip :blush:


Park, in Harvard Square, has one. I liked it one time and thought it was just OK another time. IHOP has one and many, many years ago I liked it a lot. But I had less sophisticated tastes then. :slight_smile: Done right, it is such a tasty burger I have no idea why it’s not on more menus.


Snappy Patty’s in Medford has them but I’ve not personally tried them.

I know it’s on the menu but it’s their version. A patty melt should be on grilled marble rye bread not a reverse grilled hamburger bun.

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Today, I was at Bickford’s in Woburn and noticed on their menu that they had a Reuben melt, a tuna melt, etc. They did not have a patty melt. I asked the waitress if it was possible for them to make one and she said that they used to and it was still on the computer so yes they would be more than happy to make one. I got it to go. Perfection. It was a good size patty that covered the whole area of bread which was a thicker seeded rye with perfectly sautéed onions and Swiss cheese. For some reason, I can’t post a picture.

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Oh yum, thanks for posting about it, sounds great!

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