Is this really THE WORST? Discuss.

The worst food-related video EVER??

No, it isn’t.

I assume seeing as he filmed making a mug of tea, he intended it to be provocative. And here we are discussing it.

But, other than the very brief steeping, I don’t really see anything else particularly wrong with it.


The person who made the video should have checked out the ISO 3103 International Standard for making a cup of tea ( yes it does exist.) Nice video explanation here:

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Not being facetious here but wouldn’t the tea bag go in first, or at least after the sugar but before the milk? It seems to me the lowered temperature of the water from the addition of the milk would reduce the ability to blend…or whatever tea actually does since I’m not a tea drinking unless I’m dying of the flu. Then let’s be honest, I still don’t drink tea it’s a hot toddy. Don’t judge me!

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No clue if it’s true or not, but I’ve read that the old ‘rules’ of making tea are that you put milk (if you’re having it) in the cup first, and then pour the hot water. This was originally done to keep the fine china from cracking. Not sure it’s necessary in my humping penguins mug, but THAT’S not what’s so awful about the video, imo. He barely steeps the tea bag! So he’s really drinking boiling water w milk and sugar, with just a wave of a tea bag. Why bother?

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Yeah I wanna punch this guy in the nose now. He’s annoyed me!!


Anyone tried a taste test?

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