Is there an "I read your post and appreciated it" type button?

Sometimes I really have nothing to add to a discussion, but someone has responded to something I wrote earlier in the thread, and I would like to indicate that I read their comment without actually having to post something. I am a missing it or could one be created?

like a Like button but not quite a ‘like’?

The forum uses an open-source forum software. Theoretically anyone can fork the software and build on it. I don’t have a programming background to do that.

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Yes, that is what I meant. Twitter used have a little neutral star that they changed to a sappy heart, but it remains the way a lot people acknowledge they read your purely informational message. Sort of like, 'thanks, got it."

I’m sure you know more about software than I do but not really asking somebody take the time and trouble to create it. Just wondered if everybody else was using it all the time and I just couldn’t find it. I’m sure my life will go minus this amenity.

Oh wait –

Is that what the little knife and fork are? I guess I was only looking at the bottom bar of my own posts.

If I click the knife and fork, will the person who responded to me know that it was me that “liked” their comment?

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Yes they can see who ‘liked’/ ‘knife/forked’ them.

It is a like, though.

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Ok. I like what most of the people who respond to me say, and I like that they responded.

Even if I don’t like it, and they were nasty to me, maybe they would like me better if I left them with the impression I liked what they wrote.


The knife & fork symbol beneath everyone’s post is the HO’s equivalent to a “like” button.


And is WAY better than a pulsing, beating blue heart.


Thanks to those who “liked” my post so I could see how it is possible to know who did it.

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