Is there a way to remove a follower?

Any idea of how to remove a follower?

I didnt even know we had followers. Does having one intrude on your use of the forum? If not, how come you want to remove one?

I’ll send you a dm

Got it. Understood. And replied with a suggestion.

(PS: since my original post, I’ve looked at my profile and found I have six followers. I don’t understand what benefit they gain from it. There doesnt seem to be a way that I can “unfollow” them. FWIW, I think I may attract the wrong sort of follower - as two of them are folk who are no longer posters here.



For the artwork alone…


Woot woot! Thank you! :trophy:

I’m somebody. It’s spontaneous publicity like this that makes people! Things are gonna start happening to me now!!!



Things are most definitely going to start happening for you now who can resist that playful artwork!
I’m following @MidwesternerTT’s lead and followed you too!

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Following someone means you get notified about new posts of that someone. What are you trying to solve for?

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@Phoenikia - Would it be enough to set your profile >preferences> notifications > user to “ignore” that follower? At least you’d not see their comments or messages regarding your posts.

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Odd, I followed a user some time ago to test its functionality and have never noticed a difference. I know the user posts to both threads I read and threads I don’t, but I’ve never been notified when he posts on either,


This feature works on and off for me

I think that I’m mistaken. I probably get notifications from the person that I’m following, if I happen to be following the thread that they are reporting on.

Otherwise, I do not receive a notification that they (the person that I’m following) have posted on.
Or a thread that I have not responded to or have not activated the blue bell (watching/tracking).

You are mod!

Oh, I didn’t realize that mattered. I just see the blue bell (?( @Olunia mentions on any thread I’m tracking or watching. Otherwise, the threads my “followee” posts to are not distinguished in any way.

Respectfully Declined I have to tell you a story. Me and the husband went yesterday to two banks, two car dealers, and out for lunch. He said he is done with people for another 6 months. I thought of you when he said that.


You can change your follower preferences, including whether to notify you when someone you follow posts a reply or new topic, under Preferences → Notifications.


I learn something new every day. Thanks @Mr_Happy


Thanks @Mr_Happy,

I thought maybe that was only user friendly on a desktop.
Just tried it on my phone and it works there too. I did look there before it turns out that I just didn’t scroll down far enough to see the part that you circled
So this feature is mobile friendly as well.
I think that if one clicks on the allow no one to follow me then that means everyone.
Not sure if that just means from now on or it erases everyone currently following you?

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:man_dancing:t3: This is a huge responsibility. I vow to use my heroic power for only good. Lol

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