Is there a Chinatown in Seattle?

I’m interested in finding out where Chinatowns and Japantowns are in the continental US. Vietnam enclaves too. I’ve been to Little Saigon in L.A., and am curious as to where those centers are.

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There’s an International District, 'cuz we’re PC that way … but yes, the ID is at the south end of downtown, east of Pioneer Square.

Edited to add, the original old ‘Chinatown’ is the west side of this area, but lots of Vietnamese businesses are on the east side, 12th & Jackson is roughly the center of Little Saigon.


St Paul and Minneapolis is home to a large Hmong population.

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In Houston, Viet Town.

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Thank you- I had to look up where those people are from, so I learned something about them.

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San Jose and San Francisco CA both have Japantowns, SF has a Chinatown too.

San Jose has a Vietnamese town.

Vancouver has a Chinatown.

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Portland has a Chinatown.

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Oakland has a Chinatown, too.

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