Is Quote Reply working for others?

Quote reply is not working for me. I highlighted the text for replying, but the quote reply button doesn’t pop up.

Is it just me? or do others have the same issue?

Works for me in iPhone

Upgraded to the latest OS 10.3.2 yesterday, it works perfectly on my iphone. Maybe quit your browser and restart your phone, sometimes, bugs come up after a while.

FYI, I have tried with my old iphone with iOS 6, quote reply works although it’s a pain to select the text and so slow.

Seemingly not.

FYI I am using Windows. Chrome/ Firefox doesn’t work. Restarting doesn’t solve the issue.

I am also using Windows with Chrome and am not experiencing any problems with quote reply.

Since I just used the quote reply function to make this post I can safely say: “It’s just you”!

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Oh yeah. It really is just me. Apparently I unknowingly disabled the ‘Quote reply’ ability in my preferences…


Address to send my tech support bill to please.



Just you :frowning: