Is Miller Lite about to die?

Not that I drink it, but . . .

MillerCoors top marketing exec admits Lite is lost . . . again

One can hope.

I read this: “Two years ago when MillerCoors had just appointed yet another new (but soon-to-be-replaced) ad agency, we said: “Miller Lite’s advertising problem is the lack of an effective strategy.” It still is.”

Ummm, no. Miller Lite’s advertising problem is that it’s a crappy beer.


Now this was advertising:

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I doubt that, @LindaWhit. I mean, I don’t doubt that it’s crappy beer, but so, too, is Bud Light – and Bud, for that matter. And given the tried-and-(proven)-true cliché that he could sell ice to the Eskimos, I think it’s all about advertising . . .

After all, look at the Sales of the leading domestic beer brands of the United States in 2015 (in million U.S. dollars):

  1. Bud Light, $2,010.2 million (i.e.: $2,010,200,000.00 [rounded])
  2. Coors Light, $,1030.4 million
  3. Miller Lite, $862.6 million
  4. Budweiser, $718.7 million
  5. Michelob Ultra Light, $428.2 million
  6. Natural Light, $343.8 million
  7. Busch Light, $318.5 million
  8. Busch, $195.7 million
  9. Miller High Life, $195.5 million
  10. Keystone Light, $171.3 million

Now, $862,600,000.00 is nothing to sneeze at – after all, Miller Lite is beating the $#|+ out of the company’s flagship brands (Miller High Life and Coors¹) combined! – but it’s fallen short of expectations, and in business, that’s dangerous.


@BoneAppetite – the “Tastes Great/Less Filling” campaign is true classic in the history of advertising . . .

¹ By sales dollars, Coors ranks #16, with $109.6 million.

The Labatt bear was a classic too:

True. And unfortunately, too many people have gotten used to drinking crappy beer.

I like to drink crappy beer when it’s hot out or when I get home from work . Such as Hamms , I was the biggest SOB beer snob since Jimmy Carter made home brewing legal . Circa 1978 . New Albion was the first in the US to start the revolution . Thanks Jack Mc Auliffe , Sonoma California . I do enjoy my micros in the evening . Yes . I enjoy my crappy beers to quench my thirst .

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It took me a while to discover why Budweiser exists, but it’s precisely for when it’s hot out —> working a double shift on the crush crew in Napa when it’s 104° . . . at 5pm, you slam a 16 ounce Bud and you’re good for another 8 hours!


It’s been long enough that I think it’s high time for them to bring it back. I’m no ad genius (despite the fact that that’s how I earn my living) but I guarantee that a catchy, meaningful slogan will sell more beer than the lousy ‘bodega’ ads they’ve been running. “Let’s see, what cheap beer should I buy… hey, is that the beer that depressed street performers enjoy? I can’t remember, they never said the name of the beer in those sad, maudlin ads.”

As long as the ads feature a multi-ethnic gaggle of young fecund/virile models square in the heart of the targeted socio-economic cohort, laughing open-mouthed, while diddling their mobile devices, things will be fine for Big Brew…

Their last jolt of true inspired creativity came with the Miller Time ads of the late '90s by Fallon McEllgott. They were like nothing else on TV, won awards, and got Fallon a whole lot of business back then. Unfortunately they didn’t sell beer, either.
Evil Beaver

Well, it seems that bringing back their original bottle/can bumped the numbers, so maybe bringing back that campaign might work too. Certainly, it couldn’t be any worse . . .

On a related note, Dos Equis announced that they are retiring “The Most Interesting Man in the World” . . . another icon ad campaign!

The headline of that story is a little misleading – the actual “Most Interesting Man” in the ads is retiring. They’re planning on finding a new “most interesting person” to keep the campaign going somehow. It’s very iconic and hugely boosted their sales, they’d be nuts to drop it!

If (Inshallah) Trump loses… I don’t believe his claims of being a teetotaler to begin with, and since he’s already had his own Vodka brand…Drumpf Equis??? :laughing: