Is it possible to enjoy Carbone with a vegetarian and someone with celiac?

Apologies in advance for one of “these” threads about an uber-hyped place like Carbone, but I’m wondering if it can work for either a party of two: yours drooly and a veg with small appetite -or- the same equation plus one person with celiac disease (ie. extreme allergy, not “gluten intolerance”)?? From the photos I’m seeing, both in terms of potion size and meatiness, I’m doubtful. Would appreciate the collective input and feedback. Thanks so much!

Respectfully, why do you choose a restaurant that does not fit your lifestyle? There are many fine places with menus that would better suit your requirements…

I don’t follow… Carbone looks great to me. My wife doesn’t eat red meat and my sister, who has celiac disease, is no longer joining us. So it’ll be date night with the missus. 1 carnivore and 1 pescatarian. I know Carbone does family style meals so I was wondering how awkward it would be but my wife’s 100% on board and wants to go, so it’s in the books.

Thanks for the explanation, and buon appetito!

We’ve been to Carbone once shortly after it opened in 2013.

Have you looked at the current menu? I realize you’ll be here in May, and this is the winter menu. However, there are a number of pasta offerings which I’m sure will be the case in the spring. I imagine that at least one or two of them will be vegetarian-friendly.

If there’s any “problem” you’ll face, it’s her small appetite. Portions are humungous! We ordered the Veal Parmagiano. Though Mr. RBI and I both have good appetites, we took home half of it. Also, half the pot of polenta we ordered as a side. So, even if you have a healthy appetite, you’ll find yourselves with a boatload of leftovers.

Here’s a suggestion for a plan of attack. In addition to a bread basket, they give you quite a few things on the house at the beginning of the meal most of which will be fine for your wife. Instead of ordering a pasta dish for her, with your main course, get one of the sides which should all be veg-friendly so she can share it with you.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you both have a great time.

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Thanks so much, Roz!

My main concern was the portion size as well; especially since I typically like to try several dishes (meat incl). I’d typically invite a friend but I don’t think it’s a price point that I feel comfortable doing that, so we’ll have to tackle the menu strategically, as you’ve suggested. That or giant doggy bag! :smiley:

If she’s pescatarian then you can order their famous ceasar salad. Just figure you will have serious leftovers to bring home regardless of what else you order

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