Is it me or is it Wegmans?

My go to grocery store in central NJ for the past decade has been Wegmans in Manalapan NJ.
Lately I have found the shelves not quite bare but lacking in depth of brands offered. The bread selection is not as diverse as I am accustomed to and many options such as semolina bread are not readily available with the exception of a very low quality Italian bread.
To augment my shopping I now have to hit Trader Joe’s, NetCost & ShopRite.
I understand there are supply chain issues but to this guy it seems my once favorite grocery store is going to lose me.
BTW the rotisserie chicken is now half the normal size & looks more like a pigeon.
Anyone else see this or is it just me,

It’s not you. Our local Wegmans (Central PA) is a far cry from the store that opened in 2004. It’s mostly their own brand these days – which isn’t bad per se, but not always what I’m looking for. The fish, meat & cheese counters, however, are still pretty good.

And I totally agree about the roti chicken, too!


Thanks I thought it was just me

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Definitely not just you. I fell in love with Wegmans when I was in college in Rochester in the 90s, but when they went all-in on their house brand and stopped carrying their former variety, they lost their allure. The cheese counter is still decent, but that’s the only reason I go these days - and even then, it’s only if it’s more convenient than a trip to Murray’s or even one of the suburban Fairway or Whole Foods locations near me. For meat and fish, I can typically get equal or better quality at Costco or Restaurant Depot, at a much better price.

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Thanks your input justifies my experiences.