Ironside, San Diego

This was another successful meal during my trip to downtown San Diego. The oysters were fresh and served with a well balanced mignonette, and their house made bread was an amazing brioche-like loaf. I had the lobster roll, which contained very sweet lobster meat sandwiched between more of the heavenly bread and drizzled with butter. I haven’t spent much time on the east coast, but theirs is my favorite lobster roll thus far and handily beats my current favorite in the SF Bay Area.

And the chef earned two Michelin Stars when he was in Chicago a few years ago.

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What kind of oysters did you have?

I was with a group, so we ordered an assortment and were too busy socializing to pay attention. Some Washington, some east coast. All were fairly large, which I like because the tiny kumamotos in my opinion are for people who don’t really like oysters.

Hahaha, I love kumamotos. What’s wrong with them?

Nice, I didn’t know that. It was my first restaurant meal of the trip and I wasn’t expecting the food to be better than the food up north.

I don’t have any problem with their flavor, it’s their size. There’s not enough oyster belly. I want a big mouthful of oyster. So in my mind, if someone only eats kumamotos, then I assume (correctly or incorrectly) that they aren’t a big fan of oysters.

Ah- yes. they are a bit ‘precious’. For the amount I want to eat, it can get expensive in a hurry, especially when these days restaurants are charging like $3 an oyster.

Exactly. I can eat 2 dozen regular size oysters as an appetizer, so that would be 4 dozen kumamotos. Might as well be eating caviar for that price. But I think I am pretty far from norm in my oyster consumption, in our household it is the second most common seafood cooked, just behind fish. Far surpassing shrimp, mussels, clams. We ate Taiwanese oyster omelettes all the time growing up.

Yes. Off-topic though that’s what Sun Fat is for. Not that you would shove Kumamotos into the omelettes.

Here is some info regarding Ironside Select oysters.

Thanks. I read the article and went to the Minterbrook web site. It seems like the Ironside Select at Ironside is Minter Sweet Select ‘rebranded’ for the restaurant. Their description of Minter Sweet doesn’t say much about the type of oyster. In the pictures the oysters look like its some kind of Kumamoto variants.

(From their web site)