Ironbound Hard Cider Opens New Tasting Room in Asbury

I wonder how many people will click on this because they think it refers to Asbury Park? :grin:

I saw the word Ironbound and thought it meant Newark :grin:

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Ad crazy site. I can buy IHC at the Wine Cellar in Hazlet and dozens of liquor stores in monmouth county but the trek to the tasting room is a fun day out.

Technically, it does mean Newark (NJ)… from their site:

New Jersey has been making the best American cider since before America was America. And believe it or not, the most celebrated cider in the country was Newark Cider! Yes, Newark! Not Boston. Not the Hudson Valley. Not New England. But Newark.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the best versions of Newark Cider were made from Harrison, Canfield, and Graniwinkle apples—varieties that originated in and around Newark. And, we’re bringing these old Newark cider apples back to life at Ironbound Farm—our 108-acre farm in the New Jersey Highlands.

Not far from where I grew up. I will have to drag my dad out there to check it out in the spring! Thanks!