Iron Whale? Asbury NJ

Anyone have any thoughts on Iron Whale in Asbury? Besides being McLoone’s entity?

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Well for me and my experience with McLoone’s, I’d never go there unless I was forced to! No thank you!

Mediocre at best.

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Completely concur with @Roro1831!

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Thanks for that… ok, so where would you all suggest, somewhere in Asbury, Ocean Grove, etc - that part of the beachfront for dinner mid-week/Wednesday/tonight? something good that won’t break the bank…fish but not fried seafood, (or not).

The problem with the beachfront places is they are not cheap and they get by on the view in my opinion. I don’t find any of the restaurants on the boardwalk in Asbury are places I crave food from.

As far as places in or around Asbury, without knowing what you consider breaking the bank, Grand Tavern in Neptune, Taka (but they are always packed), Brando’s.


thanks. How about then, close to beachfront? ie if we’re wandering along the boardwalk in that area, where should we then drive? (Incl Bradley or anywhere else nearby)?

Again, I agree with @Roro1831 about The restaurants on the boardwalk and about Grand Tavern.
I haven’t been, but I hear that Seagrass in Ocean Grove Is good, and depending upon your crowd, you could walk there off of the OG boardwalk. Another thought is Mr. Shrimp, which may technically be in Wall, but it’s at the western edge of Belmar.

We had a very good meal at this new restaurant on Main Street in Asbury Park. Bar R


While I do like the food and the drinks at RBar, it is ridiculously loud in there.


Can’t agree more. Even louder if there is live music playing. I also found the seating to be a bit cramped and temperature on the warm side indoors. Other than that, the food was very good and the vibe and atmosphere were excellent. I intend to return soon though maybe not on a weekend especially during the summer.

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Thanks all!
so we ended up having a reservation at Iron Whale (made online).
Got there on time (7:15pm) , but found out it was for inside (very dark inside!)
I had not read the fine print when making the reservation that it was for indoors, and for outdoor seating it’s first come first served…
Asked if we could be seated outside, there were 5 empty tables… they said a 45 minute wait.
So decided not to wait.

still did not want to deal with going off the boardwalk, so went to Langosta Lounge. There were tables outside, we were immediately seated.
One server was just hustling and was great - even though she wasn’t serving our table, she did come by to ask if someone had come to us and take our orders, and if someone wouldn’t come in a couple of minutes she’d help us… ANd she came back a few minutes later to check (someone else had already come to take our orders). I just thought that with all the challenges that restaurants have faced over the past year, and the ongoing challenge in getting appropriate staff, this woman was just great.

Food at Langosta Lounge - it was fine. a pleasant evening, on the boardwalk, eating outside, can’t (or shouldn’t) complain.


Paging @NotJrvedivici if you want to take one for the team. I saw this on the RBar menu :slight_smile:

40oz Tomahawk Steak $125
Dry-aged Prime, Paris Mash, Broccolini

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Friends of mine had that tomahawk last week and said it was fantastic


How about Avon Pavilion?