Iron Chef America Returning

Anyone care?

The Fuji Television production was quality sports programming. If memory serves . . . Morimoto was the last “Iron Chef Japanese” on Fuji, but not King Iron Chef when it went off the air (after we saw him making our lunch at Nobu on Hudson) before the Iron Chef America incarnation began. Allez cuisine.

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No cable. Amazing what an alternative reality is out there that I’m
missing. Or not.


Food Network keeps trotting out the same shows with the same “food personalities”. It’s like an old-timey movie studio with a stable of (aging) stars for whom they develop and write “pictures”, because “the audience loves ya, baby!”



I stopped watching FN years ago, but I did very much like the original Iron Chef Japan.


I’d watch it. I miss Morimoto and Mike Symon.

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I admit, I am kind of looking forward to this return. Same cast of characters, yes. But interested in what new features they will introduce…

I really don’t know if I should care anymore. I never watch much of it, so it does not impact my life.

I’ll be watching, and I’ve been binge watching the old ones in anticipation. I see several Top Cheftestants in the line up, and noticed “Ashley” of Top Chef season ? 14 in one of the old episodes. I think sous chef for Alex G.