Irish people taste NJ Food

This should probably EVENTUALLY be on the general board, but I haaaaaaaaaad to post it here…enjoy!

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“Do they just put cheese on everything”

Well, yes, in my experience of regularly visiting America since 1980. All sorts of things seem to have cheese added. It seems to matter not whether it actually enhances it. Nah, just throw cheese on. I have regularly had, erm, “quizzical looks” when I 've asked for no cheese on something. It’s not that I have any problems with cheese but, for heavens sake, if you really have to fuck up the food by covering it in cheese make it a cheese with some flavour, instead of the tasteless melty gloop that you get everywhere.

(PS: This is the edited version of my American cheese rant. I can do a full 20 minute set if needed. And, yes, I know it is possible to get good cheese - we ended an excellent meal at Mombo in Portsmouth, NH, in 2012 with four Vermont cheeses



This would make more sense if it were Irish people sampling NJ versions of traditional Irish foods. Like these videos of Chinese people eating Panda Express and Mexican people eating Taco Bell. I don’t see why Irish people - or Dutch people or Malaysian people - would have any especially enlightening opinions of NJ food.

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My top take away from that video is that I’ve never seen Chicken Savoy with cheese on it… Have any of you? @NotJrvedivici ?

We have a lot of gratuitous cheese around here John. I’m not much in favor of it… I’ll satisfy my cheese cravings with a piece of Stilton at the end. And yes, I do have a Stilton Scoop.

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If you ever see Stichelton, grab it. Stilton is required to be made to be using pasteurised milk. Stichelton uses unpasteurised and is, I reckon, a superior product - made the geographical area and to the same method as Stilton.

That said, my favourite blue cheese is currently Blacksticks Blue - a blue Lancashire. Creamy, tangy, lovely.

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I have never eaten a chicken savoy in my life! I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be. Is this a Jersey thing?

I had no idea what Savoy Chicken constituted so I looked it up.
Appears the original Bloomfield Tavern recipe calls for it.
I’m not sure what makes it unique to Northern NJ as it seems pretty standard fare. Is there something I’m missing?

I think of Chicken Savoy and Chicken Murphy as NJ dishes for sure.

The only one of those that I’ve ever heard of is the Pork Roll /egg/cheese sandwich! Of course, I’ve only lived in New Jersey for over 50 years.

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