IQ Kitchen [Newton, MA]

This place got some good press when it opened a while back, then changed owners, apparently went downhill. I never managed to make it there during all that, and I don’t know anything about the current ownership, but have been twice recently and will say that they have an interesting menu and liked their preparation of both Americanized Chinese food and various kinds of noodle preparations (GuiZhou Mifen seems to be a specialty, but they branch out to different Chinese and other Asian styles as well). It’s really just a takeout window with the chef often the only employee. Worth a try if you are in the Four Corners area of Newton.


I’m glad it’s still around. I remember back when it was with it’s original owner and the Beijing Crepe (don’t remember the Chinese name) was great. It did go down hill once that owner left.

But I’d be happy to give it a try again.

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yeah, I went here once long ago and liked it a lot. cool to hear it’s come back from its low ebb!

It’s jian bing guo zi. I’ve had it, it was okay. I didn’t try the mifens. I found the menu a bit bewildering and I actually know most of it!

iQ kitchen has closed

Oh no.