Iphone screen layout changed?

The other day I probably unknowingly touched my iphone screen while it was showing HO.

Something happened because my lay out has changed for the worse. See pics. I looked for ways to change the layout again, but haven’t found any. It used to be that I could see the whole page on my screen, now I have to scroll to the right to see my notifications box. There also words laying on top of each other.

Anybody know a solution?

It looks as though you are viewing the “Desktop site” as opposed to the mobile version. This is a simple setting in the top right drop down in Chrome. As for Safari, you’ll either need to search for that setting or hopefully someone else can offer up where it is.


Safari. I thought so myself but I don’t see any button to go back to iphone layout.

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Found the button! Works good again now… :slight_smile:

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