Iphone problem

I can’t (have never been able to) pull up HO on my iphone. Am using www.hungryonion.org
Other bookmarks load instantly. What am I doing wrong?

Using Safari? Try Firefox, or use the google app to call up HO and see whether it links. Your posted link works for me.
Are you running at least iOS 12.2?

Works fine on my 6E with Safari.

Yes. Agreed.

Thanks. Will have to wait for son to come by. I am not “encouraged” to dick around with settings, under penalty of his withdrawing as my guru/techie. As in last night’s phone conversation on another phone problem, “STOP! STOP! Whatever you’re doing, STOP! Listen carefully and JUST DO what I say…”

Will let you know how it goes…:roll_eyes:


Mom/Dad … is that you?

Hahaha. I have that conversation all the time with my parents.


You’ve made my day. Maybe week!

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FWIW and because I want to sound tech savvy:

I’m on an I-phone 7 using safari with IOS 12.3.1
(ohhh I’m on safari where’s the elephants :elephant::elephant:??? )

FYI I never use the app, I access the site using my browser and the URL.

HO has an app?
Who knew!


Don’t quote me on that, but I thought I remember seeing it mentioned one time when someone else was having a tech problem. As I said I just always access via my cell browser.

No app in the App Store. Can’t speak to android.
I wonder if hungryonion.org is defaulting to
Hungryonion.com which is a drive in in Idaho, if I remember correctly?
Edit: .com defaults to .org so that’s out too. :slight_smile:

:rofl: Should change my screen name to Dino. I’m on a 5s phone with comparable IOS. I’ve even been told that my phone is “cute”!

FWIW, and fittingly, I hate apps. I am, if I do say so myself, a master Googler. Mobile formats second guess what I am looking for. Just come up with what I asked for. Not what is popular.


There may be another way but I simply used Safari to go to the page here I’d like to use most and save that page to my iPhone’s home screen. The link looks like an app on the screen but it’s just a bookmark. Easy Peazy.

I finally dropped my 5S for the last time a month ago otherwise I’d still have it!


No, it doesn’t. Just a mobile site that can run on browsers on phones.