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I am not sure if this topic will generate any interest/traffic but here goes. When I first joined HO, I mentioned I was recently laid off–still looking! That happened to me also in 2008 when I found Chowhound. A lot of time on my hands! When I landed my new job in 2008, I vowed two things:

  1. eat better and learn more about food - influenced by CH
  2. invest/save like crazy, so I could feel a bit more financially secure - influenced by life

I have done that and will continue if I am able to find another employment situation.

Given HO is all about food, I was curious what food/beverage or food related stocks did I have in my portfolio? I should say that I invest with a singular goal. To make money and generate a passive income stream from large companies that pay dividends. I am every bit as passionate about investing as I am about food. Here is what I own. The percentage is the annual dividend yield I receive for the investment.

I would love to hear of any food/beverage related public companies you may know about. Most fast-food companies are public and I already know about those.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Coca Cola (KO) 3.5%
Pepsi (PEP) 3.2%
Keurig Dr. Pepper (KDP) 2.1%

Flower Foods (FLO) 3.4%
J. M. Smucker Co. (SJM) 3%
Kellogg’s (K) 3.9%

Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) 3.4%

Target (TGT) 3.5%
Williams Sonoma (WSM) 3.1%

Cracker Barrel Restaurants (CBRL) 5.1%

Molson Coors Brewing Co. (TAP) 2.7%

Does Costco count?

On a related note, I was a little surprised to read this about Kraft Heinz - a $10 billion loss for 2018!

Yes, Costco counts! COST, yield 1.05%. Been wanting to own forever. It is perpetually overvalued tho. One day, one day.

Yes, Kraft-Heinz made the big investing news this week. They slashed their dividend by 40% along with the loss. Glad I didn’t own it.

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That old fat guy from Berkshire Hathaway strikes again. What a bag of shit he is.

I don’t revere WB like much of the investing world does, but I don’t think he made the decision to cut the dividend, nor is he running company. Last I saw, he owned about 25% of KHC.

Interestingly, on another note, I noticed that several Heinz products were much less expensive than their competitors last time I was in the store so I tried them (yellow mustard & Mayo). Maybe they need to increase prices. Seems like they can command it.

@RedJim, what do you know about WB striking again? I would like to learn?

I’ve no specifics to offer, I’m afraid. Looking at your list, I think they are all American companies and it may be an idea to consider a more international portfolio in case of a downturn in your economy. It may also be worth considering a small crowd-funding investment - a new restaurant may have turned into a very successful chain within a few years.

Thanks John,

Appreciate the feedback. Almost all of these companies are international. Yes, they are USA based, but they sell internationally. They make money inside and outside the USA.

I would love to hear about any new restaurant concept that might go chain. That was what I was kind of hoping for. New leads, I had not thought of.

I apologize to you, Jackie, and to all others for my comments about the Kraft-Heinz difficulties.

My comments were not well thought out. I’m truly sorry for making them here.

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Actually I have pretty heavily invested in pharmaceuticals for the past 7 or 8 years. I have purposely stayed from the food/ dining stocks, as I got burnt about 11 years ago… I have been averaging 5 to 6 % in pharmaceuticals … look at Astra Zeneca…long term


I was hoping to keep this to food and investing since this is a food site. I have over 75 positions in my portfolio but I only listed those food related.

No worries Jimmy, no offense taken. This is the internet. I interact in many different forums and I have sent out a few zingers in my day.

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My Father was a stock broker and manages an investment company. We haven’t discussed this topic in several years. When I lived in Asheville he became aware of the regional grocery chain Ingles. He was pretty enthusiastic on them for investing. No idea if he still feels that way.

Edit: Spoke to my father. At that time it preformed really well. Then it had some stagnant years. He has no idea how it is looking now.

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Interesting and exactly what I was looking for. I have never heard of this regional market. Stock ticker is IMKTA and it yields 2.1% dividend. Looks like it is in 5 or 6 states in the South.

Grocery is a tough business. I look to my own experience when shopping and perhaps that is why it is tough.

When I was a kid, you basically went to one grocery market to satisfy almost all needs. Not anymore. I don’t consider Vancouver WA a large city at all but I have my pick. Here is my routine.

A) WinCo (private company) - This is where I go for most of my staples
B) Chucks Produce (local private company) - I go here once a week for produce and a few other things.
C) Local Butcher (private company) - I go here for my meat.
D) Local Asian & Mexican grocery (private) - Weekly
E) Fred Meyer (Kroger KR public company) - Every once in a while.

New Seasons, Whole Foods, TJs, about once month maybe. I dont buy much at any.

So, even in my fairly small town, I have lots of option and I use them. I think that is what has put so much pressure on grocery stores.

Anyway, great find, thank you. I appreciate the heads up on IMKTA. I won’t be investing, but I am happy to have learned about another option. I would like very much to settle in the South one day.

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I generally invest in vanguard etf.

I bought mcd stock at 90ish a share maybe 5 years ago and I am kicking myself in the ass for not buying a lot more :confused: I still think it is a good buy today, but who knows. The intl market is what they will excel at imo. Again, it’s a craps shoot but if you look at their 5 year history, it looks like a decent buy today.

My point was just my experiences were not too good in the “food” sector, nothing more, but would love some good advice!

I understand. If you notice, I don’t have much food related stuff and that is because I think all aspects are hard. Changing preferences, more competition, buzz words like organic, non-GMO, cage free, etc., have made it difficult for the large companies to adapt.

I do believe they are, and will, but a big company is like a big aircraft carrier. Hard to turn on a dime, especially since they spent years perfecting a process.

I am going to keep looking for gems that are smaller and I will post them here. I actually have one in mind. I don’t know much about it right now but I will post the particulars when I get more info. I don’t think I have had any of their products, but supposed to be “specialty Italian” .

Grocery Outlet just went public

Also Beyond Meat

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