Interstate 87 from NYC to Montreal stops?

I’ll be driving up Interstate 87 from NYC to Quebec City and wondering if any good restaurants on the way in NY State?

I’ve made the drive up 87 to Montreal a few times and up 87 many times between the city and the Catskills region. In my experience once you’re past Saratoga, nothing close by the thruway is worth stopping specifically for and if I am heading to Canada as its a long drive I usually don’t stop until way after Saratoga. I save my calories until I cross the border.

It’s on the other side of the river, but we stopped at Cooper’s Daughter spirits on our last trip up to Lake Placid. They have food trucks and a cocktail garden with outstanding cocktails made with their spirits. It’s a really low key atmosphere, very casual, but was a perfect stopping point for us and something a bit unusual.

We had a reason to stop at Glens Falls, only 10 minutes from the Thruway. Wound up having a very nice meal at Morgan & Co. Cant say we would make it a destination, but it might meet your needs (as might several other places in Glens Falls - nice city). Of course, it’s a pretty big menu and we only had one dinner, so who knows in general.

Since its only 6 or so hours straight driving from Bklyn, we’d probably just leave around 10am and drive up directly.