Interesting Yale study: You'd rather eat to have energy than satisfy a sweet tooth

Interesting, indeed.

Fascinating, esp for someone who doesn’t really have much of a sweet tooth. Do I eat sweet stuff? Sure…but I’ll always crave more savory food over dessert; been that way my whole life. Wonder what that means about MY brain…!

Same here . Not into sweets .

I was told once by a nutrionist that there was study done with newborns where sugar was put onto some babies lips, and salt was put on others, and the reactions of the babies was either to spit out whichever taste they had gotten or else lick everything off their lips with gusto. So then the applications were reversed, so the babies tasted what they hadn’t before, and very few of the babies either spat out or licked up both tastes.

So if that study was authentic, it would point to all of us being predisposed in some way from birth to like and dislike sweet or salty.

But what interested me about the Yale study is that even when the testers took a calorie-laden sweet food that had been popular with the subjects and made it taste terrible, the calorie-laden food remained popular, more popular than sweet-tasting foods that were low in calories.

Yeah, I think that’s it. High fat is calorie dense. A tablespoon of olive oil has 120 calories to the 50 in the same amount of sugar. Most of us food geeks prefer savory to sweet, but few of us truly crave celery and rice cakes.