Interesting Franco-Sino combo of artisan baked goods plus specialty beverages!

With a Franco-Sino name, this business collaboration between an artisan bakery and a high-end coffee shop churned out some uniquely mouth watering and divine tasting fare!

Owned and operated by a Taiwanese lady who spend over 5 years working alongside the winner of the prestigious ‘2018 International Master de la Boulangerie’ award. This establishment offers a potpourri of fine artisan handmade baked goods, specialty sandwiches and comfort food inspired by Taiwanese ingredients and flavour and crafted with meticulous Japanese workmanship. To augment these, offerings of a variety of fascinating specialty coffees, exotic teas and fruit based beverages were provided.

For lunch, our party first had a seat-down meal of cooked hot food followed by a buying spree of some of their baked goods offering!

We ordered the following:

  • Short Rib Omurice ( Sous vide short ribs, Omelette, mushroom fried rice, demi-glace, fried onions )

  • Chef Special Fried Chicken ( Crunch and juicy fried breaded chicken, Tomatoes, Onions, house pickles, Alfafa greens, Sweet potato-fries, House Mayo )

  • BBQ Rib-eye toast ( Thinly sliced Ribeye steak, House BBQ sauce, scrambled eggs, house made thick toast )

  • Dual desserts of Basque Cheese cake and Dark Chocolate cloudy cream cake.

Food were indeed well executed, eye-catching and tasty. Portion of the Fried chicken sandwich was particularly HUGE!..Biggest Chicken sandwich encountered! Stand out was the Omurice with Short-rib. Tender beef smothered with a wonderful and delicious demi-glace gravy! Desserts were most enjoyable, light and not overly sweet.

Lastly, we were way too full to try out some of the baked goods bought and render an opinion.



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