Instant Ramen ratings - help find thread please?

Hey all, I should’ve bookmarked this when I first found it. There was a blog/article on HO or CH in the past couple years where the author meticulously tried and critiqued massive numbers of instant ramen brands and flavors. Can anyone help me find that thread? TY!

Here’s one i have bookmarked. Is this it?


No, I believe the one I saw had ratings/descriptions of more like 50 or even 100 products. But I’ll take a peruse of this one thanks!

you don’t need a ramen rating Sasha.

The best ramen in Shin Ramen. Period.

Oh but I do! I have a son on a mission and he is very interested in research and reading other people’s experiences. Seriously, no one remembers this blog/article? The author went and bought grocery store instant ramen from various Asian markets and sampled and critiqued so many of them. 50! 100! I don’t recall. I thought I bookmarked it, but I can’t find it… SOS!! lol

Besides ramen ranked by flavor I wonder if his ramen research would include rankings based on other criteria? - like price and quantity?

I was just thinking…I read about how people in some countries live off less than a dollar a day.

I never believed it because you can’t buy enough calories/foods to feed yourself and you’ll starve.

But I did notice that the diet of other countries living like this…they get their calories from things like ramen - at 25 cents a packet even in US grocery stores (pre-pandemic).

Ramen is the only calorie source I could think of where if you make less than a dollar a day you can stil get enough calories

just a thought…

Rice & beans is a complete protein and can also be had for <$1/day.


I make my own instant ramen. Just joking. :grimacing: I got nothing.


Ah well thanks everyone. I guess we will have to do our own meticulous research. But if anyone tripping over this thread at some point knows the article/blog that I’m thinking of, please feel free to chime in. I know I’ve occasionally remarked on a 4 yr old thread too!!! :slight_smile:


There’s this one.


The poster huiray, who comes up very early in that thread, posted on CH for a long time and used instant ramen kits as a basis for many of his meals. He left CH, I think before the big revision, and posted a long time on eG. I don’t know that he specifically set up a comparison but he might be someone to look for on CH. His top 3 brands included Sapporo, Myoto or Myojo something and one other that escapes me. I’ve never been able to find that one here. In my experience, Sapporo is maybe the worst for high sodium content.

The Korean brand Nongshim (ramyun) is ubiquitous in American supermarkets. The Shin referred to above is their line. Sho Spaeth, who is Korean and maybe biased :grin:, had some good pieces on Serious Eats about the Nongshim products. I don’t know if they’re still available. I believe it was one of his articles where I picked up the tip that only using the packets and cooking the noodles in boiling water rather than the more convenient Cups or Bowls in the microwave or just adding hot water and letting them soak, produces a better experience.

Ramen Rater, mentioned by @ChimayoJoe, is very good, I think, but so overwhelming. If your son is just looking for some things to try first, just consider the top recommendations (if you can find them in your stores).

I like the Nissin Raoh line. Raoh means King. The noodles are air dried and superior. Limited variety and, down here anyway, limited distribution, but worth it.

Good luck to your son on his quest, and, most importantly, Enjoy. Hope you can find the original thread or take the suggestions in this thread to just start out exploring.

I’ve gotten so fond of ramen I’m eating it for breakfast now.


There’s this thread on eGullet, too. It useful to me when I was beginning to try instant ramens.


A lot of people like Prima Taste Laksa


Also, Kraft Dinner.

For reference

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I have had that and it is amazing. I went to one of our Malaysian restaurants and tried their version; it was better but not by a lot and their noodles were NOT better! Again, the noodles in that package are not fried.

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First time buying instant noodles since my 20’s! Used to eat them half my life!

Not gonna “rate”, though. Just for fun. It’s not really healthy so I won’t be eating it every other day.

I could have bought most of what they have in the shop. Such an enormous selection of instant noodles/ramen (though half is from China and is not high on my list).

There are some Thai instant noodles that don’t contain fried noodles, that I like, too.

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