insiderscoopsf: Starline Social Club to go Burmese with its Food (Uptown Oakland)

In collaboration with William Lue, an early founder of Burmese food in the Bay Area, now running Grocery Cafe in East Oakland. Immediately below is a link to an article by Luke Tsai/East Bay Express on Bay Area Burmese food scene and Bill Lue:

Here’s a link to a photo slideshow with musical background of photos I took a few years ago of Bill Lue along with his partner showing tea leaf salad they were serving at the now closed Brother’s Kitchen on San Pablo Ave and 30th Street in West Oakland:

Starline Social Club
645 W Grand Ave

Thanks for the info. Added it to my list.

Gary, you’re welcome. Sounds like the Burmese at Starline isn’t up and running yet.

Luke Tsai chimed in this afternoon on the Bill Lue/Sam White collaboration by asking, “Will [Starline bar’s clientele], for instance, embrace the funk of the funkiest tea leaf salad in town?”

I, for one, think that it’s a brilliant idea.