Insect ID

Does anybody know what this is, or have a source for figuring it out?

I’m having trouble adding pictures to the original post.

I am hoping they are insects that eat bad bugs, and not the kind that damage fruit. But they seem to be hanging around fruit.

It’s hard to be sure, but the 3rd photo down of the bug in it’s nymph stage looks like what is in your photos.

Aha! “Piercing-sucking mouthparts”! Just what I was afraid of!

I was just about to ask about what I think are stinkbugs.

OTOH, my first thought was assassin or pirate bugs, so I let them live .

Assassin bug

Gotta love an “assassin bug”, no?

Apparently there is a “leaf-hpopper assassin bug”.


No problem! I just googled “California orange bug that likes fruit” and looked at the images.