Injera in or near Cambridge MA

I’m planning on doing some Ethiopian home cooking soon, and am wondering if there are any updates on where to buy injera locally. Central Convenience on Mass. Ave. in Central Square, Cambridge, used to sell it so I’ll give them a call. It appears that there are also a few places in Boston, but I was hoping for something a little closer to Waltham .

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My one attempt to make it was quite a fail.

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A friend of mine has been getting injera from the Shalimar Indian Grocery attached to the Dosa Factory in Central Square. I believe they have some other Ethiopian items there as well.

Oh, thanks, T.B! That’s great, and there’s that (very crowded) parking lot in back, too.

Check for freshness at Shalimar (something you need to do for everything they sell). I have seen moldy injera there. See if you can get a straight answer to the days they have it delivered.

You can probably get it from the newish Ethipoian restaurant on Mass Ave next to Qing Dao, Sheger Cafe.

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shalimar in central square, the south end food emporium in the south end, and abyssinia market in roxbury are your best bets for injera. some ethiopian restaurants might be willing to sell you a bag of their injera too


Fasika Ethiopian restaurant in Somerville and Asmara in Central Square might be will to sell.

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There’s also a convenience store that, I believe is on Putnam Ave on the corner of Putnan and Hampshire. They always have a huge barrel of fresh injera for sale and it is excellent. I can’t remember name of the place, though. It’s just outside Central Square.

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Oh, thanks, Suzie. That’s super helpful! I probably won’t be looking for the injera for a couple of weeks, but will definitely report back.

Does Putnam intersect Hampshire?

It’s the 7-Eleven at Putnam/Prospect

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Do you mean the 7-11 at Prospect & Hampshire?

i’ve also heard that the 7-11 at prospect and hampshire sells it. there are a couple of local moms in my Facebook group (LOL) that swear by it and often stop on their way home from work in the kendall area (to Somerville). i can get more details if you’re interested!

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Oh, thanks, kimpaige! I’ll swing by when I’m in the area. I’ll likely make a bunch of dishes during my April break from school during Patriots’s Day week.


Oops yes