Initial Not Appearing in Colored Circle

On my phone (IPhone X) about half the posters (including my own) just show a colored circle without their “initial” inside. No issue on my computer or for posters with image in their circle. This just started happening in the last couple of weeks. And it is odd that on some posts the letter appears but not on others. Not that I really care, but thought I would mention it in case it is indicative of a bug or something.

Same. It’s been like that for a couple of days now. I thought it was just me.

On a laptop.


gasp It was bad enough to be an “s” when I really should be an “h.” But now I’m just an orange disk!

LOL - yeah, I though maybe my status was being demoted for some reason

I tried rebooting but the “R” only lasted one posted comment and then disappeared again.

Sorry @Rooster but you are coming up blank for me - just green disc!

It’s that abbreviated word thing being discussed on another thread. :laughing:

Yep all the colored circles are blank on this page.

For 1st time, many of the photgraph posters on the February Discussion Thread are 1 Color orange red squares over the photographs.

I think it is a technical issue. The Webmaster and Team need to take a look …

The “avatar letters” code did have some type of change made to it 12 days ago - it’s possible a recent update to HO brought that change here.

I’ve had the same thing - it’s been maybe 4 days like this? I also noticed that only recently, past couple months maybe, HO has been randomly signing me out.

Initials are back but they are tiny and the colours are all different.

Hah, yeah, I’ve gone from blue to sea foam green - nice change!

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Sometimes I’m different shades of blue, sometimes orange, now I’m dark pink, same when I see other posters. Has a mod answered any of the inquiries or is this something for the host? @hungryonion

I’ve been switching colours too - I think this might actually be The Signal.

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Okay, so now I’m an initial-less orange disk in the upper right corner, and an initialed purple disk in the thread. Multiple iconality disorder!

I think we fixed it. The forum software’s letter avatar service has been acting strange lately. So we switched to a different avatar service.


Thanks! It was kinda’ fun… albeit confusing. :relaxed:


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