Inidian Restaurant That Delivers in Marlboro?

My friends are looking for an Indian restaurant that will deliver (and has good food, obviously). They live in Marlboro. (Oh, and they also want something reasonably priced–similar to getting Chinese food, not the super-pricey Aarzu.)

Do they also believe in the Easter Bunny? lol

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They’re not talking about super-cheap Chinese food, but $38 for a 4-lambchop appetizer did make them blanch a little.

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To give an example, Royal Curry in Old Bridge is a reasonably priced Indian restaurant, but too far from them.

In all fairness, I’ve always thought that Indian and Thai food were generally more expensive than other ethnic restaurants.

What about door dash/Uber eats etc?

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Sawan on Union Hill Road has pretty good food. The website says they deliver.


My friend tried Sawan and reports:

We ordered from Sawan online - way overordering to try a good variety of items. We now have plenty of leftovers. :slight_smile: We picked up ourselves. Nice looking restaurant inside. Very courteous staff.

We ordered everything mild. It was all very good, except for the Alu Tikki potato pancakes, which are below average and I would not order again. Portions were generous and very flavorful. Plenty of rice. Large naan. Lamb Bhindi I will order with light spice next time.

Overall a definite plus. But kinda pricey [*]. As I said, we overordered for variety, but we’ll be more judicious next time. Definitely going back though.

*Evelyn here: The attached bill showed 3 appetizers ($6-$7 each), 3 breads ($3 each), and 5 entrees ($14-$19 each), with a total of $122 for in-store pick-up before tip. While more than most Chinese restaurants, it’s considerably less expensive than the oft-mentioned/recommended Aarzu.


Thanks for providing your friends’ report about their Sawan experience. I’m glad they liked the food (with the exception of the pancakes, something we haven’t had). It appears Sawan is close enough to where they live for them to pick up the food themselves which is what we’ve done (less than a 5-minute drive for us). I don’t know if Sawan uses a delivery service, but I never use them. Whenever we do take-out, we always pick it up even from places much further away.

I should add this. The difference between Sawan and Aarzu is huge, not just when it comes to price. Sawan offers the kind of standard menu one finds in any average Indian restaurant while Aarzu’s cuisine is innovative and much more interesting, a style like the upscale restaurant Indian Accent in NYC.