Inexpensive Sushi in SOUTH OC??

First: is this really the right board? The board for California is titled “SFBayArea; California”?? No SoCal breakout?? I guess I hadn’t noticed.

So… Our son lives in Costa Mesa and we’ve had pretty decent takeout rolls from Sushi Town. The four of us can enjoy a pretty good meal for around $35-$40. We live in SOUTH OC though. The places we know of (Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, RSM, etc) all seem to be around 50% higher priced. Rolls at Sushi town are $7-$8 in many cases and $10-$12 around here.

Any suggestions closer to Sushi Town prices (if they exist) would be much appreciated. It just seems unnecessary to pay more if we don’t have to. If we do… so be it.Reminder: please include [City, Neighborhood] in your post title above.


We went to Ahi Ahi, in RSM, as we’ve been there some time ago and found out they have an Early Bird deal. Quality and prices both pretty good… but when EB prices end (at 7:00) we see much larger and prettier rolls/dishes being served to non-EBers :rolling_eyes:

Conclusion: works to get you more variety for your money, but total volume of food looked to be a bit more at regular prices. When the EB rolls were brought to us I remember saying to my wife : “Their rolls used used to be bigger and the presentation was much nicer”. Hmmmmmm.

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