Induction vs Glass Cooktop

Very very interesting!

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Indeed, even with the basket and the paper?! I have a metal disc that looks like this and will try to play with mine.

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I agree totally with @heidicooksandbakes on induction. I have no experience with other glass cooktop. Heating up liquid is incredibly fast compared to a gas stove. I clean mine with sponge and detergent and another dry cloth, which is easy.

The down side is you cannot use clay or copper pots.

That’s ok with me! I almost can’t wait for my glass top to go!

I used to swear by gas but I find induction far far better. It heats faster, it’s just as (if not more controllable) and is very clean.

I recently acquired an induction range - portable, single hob, commercial grade - for use in my cabin which does not have gas service (or a traditional range). I absolutely love it - yes it is noisy but the control is amazing & the heating is super even. At home I have a gas range and copper pans but the induction works wonderfully with cast iron and AllClad. I have never made fluffier eggs. The cabin is still a work in progress and I keep it simple up there as far as cooking goes but the induction hob is a joy that almost makes up for having to juggle cooking with one burner (and a grill)

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Hi JTPhilly,

Noce to hear you like your commercial induction hob. Could you please tell the model of it? Also pleade share what size cast iron and All-clad pans you find super even heating on it?

I very much enjoy induction too myself, but have a quite regular 4 hob home appliance, that only has a 21cm hob as the biggest one on it.

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