Indianapolis -- a great burger

I remember this place. I had a big church arson case out of Indianapolis years ago, and ate at this place near the end of the case. This post by another blogger reminded me of it.


An Indy overview. Workingman’s Friend discussed within…. :wink:

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This is fabulous!

We are taking an Amtrak-based adventure next month. Baltimore to New Orleans staying in the Maringy followed up by a journey via Chicago to Indianapolis where my In Laws live. So this will come in handy as we will probably need a dinner our last night as our train to Baltimore is scheduled to leave at midnight-ish. It originates in Chicago so there is only a modest chance of it being hours late. One has to be an optimist if one wants to travel Amtrak other than the Acela.

We need to get picked up and dropped off in Indy and all the inlaws live an hour or so away so we will need decent food choices as bribes. They are pretty plain eaters but do enjoy better quality than not.