Indian table rw? [NYC]

I noticed indian table in cobble hill has a parsi-themed rw week menu, any interest in a meetup?

The menu looks good! No parsi food in sight in nyc otherwise, other than the occasional dish here and there.

I’m in - if we have enough people maybe they’ll let us do something like last time.

@vinouspleasure how about the first week of Feb?

Thurs, Fri, or Sat would be Feb 2, 3, or 4.

I am good for the 2nd or the 3rd.

Damn you all! That menu looks good, but we’re gone till the beginning of March.

sounds great, we’d be good for that, definitely, if the date works. We are here and free Feb 3,4 and 5

I might be in if I can finagle some arrangements with the boss at home.

SOs are also welcome (and often join)

any of those dates work for us, looks like we should aim for feb 3rd? @DaveCook ?


your job should you choose to accept it is to find good chinese food in st augustine and report back!

My dance card is gettin’ mighty crowded. Aim away, and I’ll join in if I can.

and the 2nd also, sorry

do we have critical mass to arrange a meet-up? If so the 2nd and the 3rd seem most popular.

how about if we shoot for the 2nd, it should be less crowded that day. we have:
@JenKalb + 1
me + 1
@small_h + ?
@DaveCook ?
@BKeats ?

so at least six, personally I think we should go for it!


2/2 still good for me! No plus one this time.

I think Thursday works but we are going away for the weekend but let me confirm

wait, we haven’t heard from @ninkat !

Sorry! Asleep at the wheel.

I won’t finish work till 6:30 on Thursday the 2nd.

I did sneak in for dinner Friday with my daughter and her guy, but only got to try one meal’s worth of the restaurant week/parsi menu because the kids have their favorites, but we liked what we got, except for the dessert. We were there on Friday night and it was definitely crazy.

So, if you don’t mind a 7 pm reservation on Thursday, and me being 15 minutes or so late, but I’ll be happy to eat what you order, I’m definitely in.

P.S. I don’t know why I don’t get these messages flagged when I sign on to H.O., but maybe I just need to pay more attention to the N.Y. board homepage?

Rez made:
Thurs Feb 2
7 people as above