Indian Street Food

What Are Some Of The Indian Chaat Dishes One Would Like To have?

My favourite Indian restaurant features Mumbai street food. I particularly like their samosa chaat.

There’s a new place in our local town that does Indian vegetarian and vegan street food. I’ve enjoyed the occasional chaat (usually chicken/murg) that pops up on Indian restaurant menus, but their chaat was probably one of the best renditions I remember having. Really nice bright mix of the sweet and tangy sauce. They also had a fantastic pani puri.


mmmm vada pav, the South Asian butty.

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For me it is not so much the name of the chaat, but how it is served. My favorite ever was from a counter in the back of a market where they served both chat papri and bhel puri with a trinity of sauces: cilantro curry, sour tamarind, and yogurt. Now if I get them and one or two are missing, it tastes a bit hollow.

At home: open up a can of chick peas, chop up some raw veggies (make sure to use onion), mix with spices, and voila you’ve got a really nice chaat. As a bonus if you can get some sort of crackers or savory crunchy snack at an Indian market, add that in. If not, cashews/peanut/almond could work well. Or both, two crunchy items instead of just one.