Indian Store Anchovies

A few months ago I was looking for anchovies and was outside an Indian grocery Store, (India.). I asked if they had any and the the owner said no. I walked away asking myself did I just ask a dumb question ? It was kind of impulsive.


I’m a bit confused. Where was this exactly?

(India) means the nation of India :india: not Indian Native American. The store was in Auburn Hills Michigan, USA.

Canned anchovies aren’t a thing in Indian cuisine, but anchovies are eaten (fresh or dried) as a cheap, tasty protein source in South India. My grandmother used to rub them with chili powder, turmeric, salt, and ground shallots, fry them up, and serve them with yogurt rice and sautéed amaranth greens. I’ve never seen fresh or dried anchovies at any US Indian grocery store though, and I would bet that even US Indian grocers who grew up eating them in India wouldn’t connect them with the name ‘anchovies.’ Your query was sort of like asking for cilantro at an Italian grocery. Cilantro grows wild in Southern Italy and is used in cooking there fairly often, but your average Italian-American grocer wouldn’t know that and would think you were a bit bonkers for asking for it in an Italian market.


Thanks. I thought you asked for it at a grocery store in India.