Indian Hill Restaurant and Sports Bar - Livingston, Texas

Look, I have to recommend this place for reasons I don’t normally recommend places (with apologies to non-facebookers, I don’t find a website). But it is unique and deserves some love.

If you are in Livingston to enjoy the Lake or the Sam Houston National Forest or the Lake Livingston State Park, consider seeking out this newly built out restaurant. You can boat up and dock to go in and eat or park your car on the other side. The views are spectacular and you can choose air conditioned comfort with sweeping views or screened in breezy patios.

If you check Yelp or other review sites, you will find lots of criticism focusing on the food and service. And there are inconsistencies there.

But the Houston based fellow who built this and an adjacent gift shop and wine/beer outlet is doing a great service to this area to provide something it has never had before and to take advantage of this beautiful spot in Texas. And that is something I want to support. If you’ve ever lived in Small Town Anywhere, or tried to run a business in STA, you know that good help is hard to find, supplies are difficult to procure, and minds don’t change easily.

All that said, there is plenty to love here. Bring patience and take a chill pill and take in the view while you wait for your order and sip a cold one. The food is entirely enhanced by the surroundings and a game is always on the TV at the “sports bar” at one end. There is steaks and seafood at night and salads, burgers, sandwiches and ribs at lunch.

And the weather is great for a road trip.

Here’s some pics from a recent visit.

Boat up for a bite:


Sit in the pub and watch the Big Game:


Beware the bears:


Fried Green Beans:


There’s so much to see in Texas.


My ex-in-laws had a hand-built houseboat on a private slough just up the Trinity River from Lake Livingston. It was paradise until it burned to the waterline due to an electrical fire.

But to get there, you’d turn off of the road from Huntsville to Trinity at Riverside and just before you crossed the railroad tracks on the left was an old shack called Homer and Jake’s.

They served one thing, fried catfish made to order and the sides were all served out of Tupperware dishes and crock pots.

If I recall correctly, both Jake and Homer were women.

I miss that place.



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