Indian Grill [Upstate NY, Plattsburgh]

Absolutely epic meal at Indian Grill in Plattsburgh. We’re in the area every summer and like exploring places when somewhat tired with the extensive daily cooking regimen.

Chicken 65 - Explosive heat on this one! Highly enjoyable but tons of red chilli, still balanced but I would order this with a huge side of thick yogurt(!)

Chicken Tikka - nicely spiced and balanced, perfectly cooked as well. Highly recommend this!

Lamb Seekh Kebab - minced lamb loaded on to skewers, shaped into large batons and grilled. Most excellent with a great mix of fat, spices and meat

Chicken Biryani - layered rice with carmelized onions, whole spices and spiced chicken, really excellent in my opinion

Stir fried okra - with raw mango powder, carmelized onions, cumin and coriander, a really good rendition of this dish, which I loved.

All washed down with large bottles of Kingfisher Indian beer (brewed in Utica NY). Highly recommend this place!