Indian Food in Greater Van Area--All Levels

Counting my NEXUS chickens before they hatch, I’d like to make one of our early forays north be for great Indian/Pak food. Suggestions for all price/luxe levels are welcome, as are locations outside Van city limits.

Many Advance Thanks!

Following, as I want to know too. You and I can exchange Indian and Asian tips. Richmond is the Asian food mecca as you may know. Surrey and White Rock supposedly for Indian, but when we were looking years back, we didn’t find any good intelligence. Except Vij’s. Everyone knows about Vij’s.

And now I do, too.

Sure to sharing.

You didn’t know about Vij’s? We’ve only been once, when our kids were quite small. I remember everything was spicier than I was accustomed to, and there wasn’t any tikka masala on the menu :slight_smile: 10 yrs later, I’m probably more open minded about what might make me happy in an Indian resto. But perhaps not terribly much more spice tolerant.