Indian Eat-in/Takeout Metrowest MA

This could be a fun and helpful thread. On the Paisano’s thread, I went pretty far from the original post and listed many of the excellent Waltham restaurants that we are lucky enough to enjoy.

One place that came up was Kabab and Tandoor, a very good Hyberabadi restaurant in the basement of Waltham India Market. Thimes asked for some recommendations. I really don’t know a lot about the cuisine, but I can throw out a few vegetarian dishes that we’ve enjoyed, and hopefully others can chime in. (Too bad Striper Guy from Chowhound doesn’t seem to be active on either board. He knew the restaurant and the cuisine really well.) We get mostly vegetarian dishes because my son is vegetarian and he can have more variety that way. The eggplant with peanut/sesame sauce is really flavorful, the chhole (chick peas) is perhaps our favorite preparation of that dish, the palak paneer is quite tasty and the naan and paratha are excellent. Also, the long green peppers stuffed with chutney and deep fried are quite spicy and savory. My favorite thing is probably the paneer tikka kabab. The contrast of the cheese and flavorful sauce is really good.

As far as the little takeout stall goes, I think it might be associated with the restaurant because they have some of the same kababs available. Most of the food has been sitting in steam trays for a while, but the kababs and naan are cooked to order. Next time I am in the area, I’m going to see if they’ll sell the raw kababs so they can be cooked fresh at home for dinner. I’ll report back. There are paneer, chicken and lamb kebabs with a couple of varieties of each.

We get Indian takeout about once a month, sometimes more often. We often default to Bollywood in Lexington because it’s close to home and convenient. It’s fine but we do get bored with it. I’d love to hear other suggestions from the area so we can mix things up a bit!

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i second that notion. really miss that guy’s recs.

I don’t have any personal experience here (at least for many years), but the Ashland-Framingham area might be worth exploring. Sri Laksmi Temple in Ashland is I think the biggest Hindu temple in the state , so there has to be a few good options. I know Godavari just opened in Framingham–I liked their Burlington branch, fwiw. I also think the menu at Dosa Temple in Ashland looks promising, though I have never been there.

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Oh, I should try Godavari. The South Indian menu looks great. I’ve headed to Chettinad Grill, also South Indian, in Burlington a couple of times because my son likes the Indo-Chinese dishes like hakka noodles, but haven’t made it to Woburn.

Thanks for posting, I need to check it out.

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My favorites are Holi in Bedford and Zaika in Woburn (same owners). I frequently do takeout from their lunch buffets. Don’t tell anybody but you can get at least two meals out of it. Remember, you can stack the box high. I just had lunch at Royal India in Lexington and the food was very flavorful. The lunch buffet at Virsa De Punjab in Bedford was also very good. The food has tons of flavor.

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