[India, Mumbai] Chaat in Mumbai ..

Two good snacks in different parts of mumbai:

  1. The first is mumbai’s iconic vada pav (basically a potato ball, deepfried with chickpea batter, between two slices of bread and some chillies). Lots of great places in Mumbai for this snack. My preferred location (primarily because it is close to where my parents stay) is Aram near CST (one of mumbai’s main train stations). Has got right amount of spice to the chutneys, and the bread to fritter ratio is quite excellent. Other good places to have this include JumboKing which is a chain of hygienic vada pav stalls located near many railway stations.

  2. Had a good late lunch / snack at Guru Kripa in Sion. We had their three iconic dishes: the samosas, the ragda pattice and the chole batura. Many folks considered their samosas the best in the city and they indeed are quite good. Their lassis are also very rich and thick.

Also managed to pay a quick visit to MasalaBar (mentioned in the 36 hours article) which is a fairly modern, quite upscale bar in bandra west. We had three of their cocktails, which are really quite refreshing and inventive. We had a great waiter who kinda explained the inspiration behind each cocktail and who recommended his favorites. We also had a few appetizers all of which were stellar: The carbon pav bhaji, the chicken kebab and the stuffed kulcha.

overall, i do feel its really hard to get a mediocre meal in india :slight_smile:



How would you compare the offerings over there versus what you have in the Bay Area? I keep hearing that it is at most a 7 in the Bay Area. I haven’t been to India. But I can see the logic of that assessment.

I think the bay area especially the south bay has got pretty good indian food in both quality and variety. I think the food out here is a lot more expensive than india (currency differences) and that might be influencing people’s decisions.

Food in india might have a slight edge, but not a lot, IMO


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Maybe for another thread in sfba, but what are the south bay places that stand out?

yes, we should move it to the bay area thread, but briefly we like madras cafe for dosas and south indian food. my friends love anjipar chettinad. milan in milipitas is pretty good for vegetarian food.

however, as a broad disclaimer, in the recent past, i’ve visited mumbai (and hence mumbai restaurants) more often than restaurants in the south bay :frowning:


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